Halloween 👻 Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Seams Sew Lo Halloween Blog Tour!

For those of us that love Halloween, it can get expensive, and (especially) when you DIY it seems such a shame that some of the components get used just for a day or so.

I wanted to create some things that would be fun enough to wear out for Halloween but also might get some extended wear … or at least go in a playroom dress up bin somewhere.

I have two costume/outfits for the Seams Sew Lo blog tour. (Actually, I’ve got two more to do … including my own child’s costume… but I fell behind.)

The first is from Max and Meena’s Mega Max pattern using these adorable, roly-poly lions that you can find at Sahara Fabrics, but I happened to also see that Ruby Jam has some if shipping from Australia is cheaper for you. The only modification I did here was on the ears.

Before this lion project ever came into my head, I had made ears for my dog’s lion debut. 🤣 I liked those better than the Max and Meena ears, so I used the little pattern I had made again, but this time I used felt and added just the tiniest bit of stuffing .

Here, let me zoom that for you…
Do you see her dagger eyes? 🤣
Do you see her dagger eyes? 🤣

To make these ears I used one back ear, and then used my back ear pattern to make an outer and inner piece (plus seam allowances). So this takes a little bit of easing skill, but if you’ve ever designed or sewn a stuffed animal it’s just like inserting a foot pad. After that I creased them just a bit and sewed them into the seam. Faux fur is pricey, but if you’ve got a local store that lets you purchase 1/8 cuts, it’s not quite as painful as online sellers who mostly only sell full yards. If you are looking for something similar, I think this one was actually called camel hair. 🤷‍♀️

Outfit number two started as a Duchess & Hare U-turn pinafore flipped backward. The dragon fabric is a poplin from Wanderlust Custom Fabrics. It’s from last year, so it’s currently sold out, but you see this print pop up from time to time in custom groups or in destash. If all else fails I’ve got some left. 👀. To attach the hood I needed to reangle the crossover slant just a bit, but the rest of the core dress is the same… except for the add ons.

I used to like to design little 3D stuffies, like this one… … but I haven’t done that kind of work in a while. Making this dress reminded me about the whole love/hate feeling I have for figuring out fiddley bits. 😂 They are so cute, but I’d gladly pay someone else my $10 for a pattern and get back the hours of my life.

Similarly, I spent too much time obsessing over getting the angles of the hood so that it would hang right when worn or raised. The tail wanted to fold over on itself, and I didn’t want a curly tail. It ended up being an almost isosceles triangle that scooped down at the back neck and had a little bit of a lapped front neckline.

The hood spikes are shaped more like scales and are also creased a bit before being sewn in to give them a little bit of extra 3D look. They also (mostly) stay standing a bit better than some other designs I’ve used in the past.

Now about these wings…

I almost gave up on these wings. I muslined them …err, a few times. At first I thought, oh that’s not going to be too hard. They’ll just be like bat wings. But that wasn’t the right shape at all. They are more like spider web flounce. So the points are arranged along a circle-ish curve but the shoulder sleeve area needs to be scooped as you would do for a flounce sleeve or curved hem flounce.

Both the tail and wings are interfaced with a couple layers of medium weight fusible interfacing and are pintucked at an angle (like a small dart) instead of straight pintucking. All the seams are enclosed on this dress…. but let me tell you, doing a burrito style enclosure with that hood, interfaced sleeves, and spikes took a bit of careful doing. Believe it or not it’s all jammed in there. This is a blended size 5/6. I don’t know if full enclosure would have been possible on small sizes. I needed some pins to hold everything out of the way and a zipper foot, but yay! Clean finishes all around.

Thanks for reading! Check back if you want to see what else I create for Halloween, and be sure to check out the other stops on the blog tour below!

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  • 4 Comments Add yours

    1. pixidance says:

      These are both amazing! The little ears on the lion hood are perfect and the wings on the vest couldn’t look more perfect.


    2. lahinze says:

      These are both adorable!! The detail is amazing! ❤


    3. Catherine says:

      I absolutely love the dragon dress! Especially the wings!


      1. Itsy Littles says:

        Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


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